Gasification Device, Gasification Trough

Gasification Device, Gasification Trough


1. Application and Features

Gasification device and gasification trough are auxiliary parts of the intermediate storage bin, dust hopper, flat bottom silo and conical bottom silo, after switching in the preheated air, the device can fluidize powdery materials, and increase the flowability of materials, thus facilitating smooth material discharge, and avoiding bridging and arching.

 One-step formed trough body uses molding process, casing and connections are airtight without leakage, beautiful design. Prior to assembling, the trough is reformed and adjusted to eliminate any welding deformation and internal stress to ensure that the bottom surface and flange connection surface are smooth and straight;

 High-intensity gasification plate specifically developed by our company according to the features of dry ash silo in power plants.


2. Main Technical Parameters

2.1 Model: Gasification device QHB150X300

         Gasification trough KXC150KXC175KXC200KXC250

2.2 Gasification plate porosity: 37.9%

2.3 Gasification plate density: 2.22g/cm3

2.4 Compressive strength: 67.7MPa

2.5 Flexural strength: 27.3MPa

2.6 Gasification plate material: SiC

2.7 Air permeability: 0.8m3/m2·min

2.8 Heat resistance: >400